Everything for Tesalia has been done to create a grand cru classé in Andalucía: from the planting of the vineyards, to the selection of the varieties, up to the perfectionism of the winemaking and aging processes. The ongoing focus has been to create a wine of exceptional quality and style that exhibits concentration, elegance, complexity, balance, length and ageability.

Tesalia 2015

 Peñín’s  Guide 2020: 91 Points


Tesalia 2016

Akatavino Civas: 95,24 Points, Great Gold

Vinous Media, Antonio Galloni: 92 Points 

Verema: 94 Points

Gourmet Guide: 95 Points 

Guía Proensa 2020: 91 Points 

Ibérica awards: 2 Ibérica Stars

WINE UP Guide 2021: 93,08 Points



instant pleasure

ARX is a different blend, based on Syrah and Tintilla de Rota, created with a similar focus on quality and character although stylistically there is more focus on fruit, freshness and immediate pleasure.


Arx 2016

Gourmet’s Wine Guide 2019: 92 Points

Peñín’s Guide 2020: 90 Points

Best of Spain Wine Challenge-Ireland:  Silver Medal

Akatavino Civas: 93 Points,  Gold

ABC’s Guide: 92 Points

Vinous Media, Antonio Galloni: 90 Points

Traveler’s Guide El País: 9,1 Points

Parker´s Points: 90 Points

Wijngids’ Wine guide:  9 Points 

Verema:  94 Points

Arx 2017

Proensa Guide 2020:  90 Points

WINE UP Guide 2021:  93,15 Points



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