From the planting of the vineyards, the selection of varieties, the perfectionism in the winemaking and aging processes, in Thessaly everything has been done to create the “grand cru” of Andalusia: the main focus has been to create wines of exceptional quality and style that showed concentration, elegance, complexity, balance, length and nobility as they aged. Ready for immediate consumption but will grow over the next ten years.

Tesalia Awards

Tesalia 2015

Peñín Guide 2020: 91 Points

Vinous Media, Antonio Galloni: 92 Points

Tesalia 2016

Akatavino Civas: 95.24 Points, Great Gold

Verema: 94 Points

Proensa Guide 2020: 91 Points

Gourmet Guide 2020: 95 Points

Ibérica awards: 2 Ibérica Stars

Peñín 2021 Guide: 91 Points

WINE UP 2021 Guide: 93.08 Points

Intervinos 2021 Guide: 93 Points

Godtdrikke: 93 Points

Aperitif: 91 Points

ABC Guide 93 Points

Decanter WWA: 91 Points

Tim Atkin: 90 Points

Vinous Media, Antonio Galloni: 93 Points

Tesalia 2017

Gilbert Gaillard 2021: 94 Points

Peñín 2022 Guide: 91 Points

Proensa 2021 Guide: 90 Points

Gold Medal: Berliner Wine Trophy (DWM)

Decanter WWA: 91 Points

Wine Up Guide 2021: 93.08 Points

Intervinos Guide 2022: 92 Points

Asia Wine Trophy (DWM): Gold Medal

Akatavino Civas Gran Oro: 96 Points

Proensa 2022 Guide: 92 Points

Jancis Robinson: 16 points (Distinguished wine)

Wine Up Guide 2022: 93,69 points

James Suckling: 91 points

Decanter WWA 2022: 92 points




With ARX our goal was to create a fresh and different wine: The main focus has been to produce a high quality wine with its own style that shows a fruity, elegant, fresh character with a good density on the palate. ARX ​​is ready for immediate consumption.

ARX Awards

ARX 2016

Gourmet Wine Guide 2019: 92 Points

Peñín Guide 2020: 90 Points

Best of Spain Wine Challenge-Ireland: Silver Medal

Akatavino Civas: 93 Points, Gold

ABC Guide: 92 Points

Vinous Media, Antonio Galloni: 90 Points

El Viajero El País Guide: 9.1 Points

Parker Points: 90 Points

Wijngids Wine Guide: 9 Points

Verema: 94 Points

ARX 2017

Proensa 2020 Guide:90 Points

Peñín 2022 Guide: 91 Points

WINE UP 2021 Guide:93.15 Points

Intervinos 2021 Guide:92 Points

Decanter WWA: 92 Points

Tim Atkin: 91 Points

Gilbert Gaillard 2021: 91 Points

Vinous Media, Antonio Galloni: 91 Points

Intervinos Guide 2022: 93 Points

ARX 2018

Akatavino Civas Oro: 93 Points

Gilbert Gaillard: 94 Points

Jancis Robinson: 17,5 Points (Superior wine)

Wine Up Guide 2022: 93 points

James Suckling: 90 points

Intervinos Guide 2023: 93 points

Decanter WWA 2022: Bronze medal



Iceni is a very fruity, fresh, friendly and expressive wine. A light touch of wood provides just the right complexity, without masking the flavour of our land.

ICENI Awards

Iceni 2019

Gilbert Gaillard 2021: Gold Medal

Proensa 2021 Guide: 91 Points

Decanter WWA: Bronze Medal

Intervinos Guide 2022: 91 Points

Proensa 2022 Guide: 91 Points

Iceni 2020

Akatavino Civas: 91 Points

Gilbert Gaillard: 90 Points

Jancis Robinson: 16,5 points (Distinguished wine)

Wine Up Guide 2022: 90,08 points

James Suckling: 91 points

Intervinos Guide 2023: 90 points

Decanter WWA 2022: 90 points

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